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Terms and conditions

 Please read our terms and conditions. We consider acceptance of our service as an agreement to pay any fees in the time period agreed upon


  • The client is responsible for full disclosure of any issues that may arise in regards to looking after their pet and must state these in the formal written agreement of services.

  • We will not be held responsible for any issues arising that have not been disclosed.

  • We will not be held liable for any damage caused to your pet unless it can be proven to be third party.

  • We will not be held liable for any illness or injury to your pet(s) unless there is a clear case of negligence.

  • We have the right to terminate our service at any time if we have concerns over the safety of a pet or failure to pay for services.

  • We have a commitment to the wellbeing of all animals and will report any negligence accordingly.

  • All animals must be up to date with all vaccinations as well as worming, flea and tick treatments.

  • We cannot care for any animals with a contagious disease due to cross contamination.

  • All dogs and cats must be microchipped in accordance with UK law.

  • All behavioural issues must be fully disclosed in initial written agreement.

  • If an animal is in anyway dangerous or out of control we will not be able to provide services and may have to report this.

  • You must notify us if your pet is involved in any incidents which may affect their behaviour.

  • Please allow 48 hours for cancellations.

  • Terms and conditions may change, it is up to the client to stay up to date with these at all times.

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